Baddegama Keembiela Elderly Bhikku Nursing Care Retreat ar Sri Wijayawardhanaramaya which was started in 1960 is the first retreat for elderly monks in Sri Lanka. This was inaugurated by Hon. Gunapala Malalasekera, the then president of All Ceylon Buddhist Congress to fulfill the needs of elderly and diseased monks who are without facilities and caregivers in their old age. At present, the retreat is maintained and well looked after by Malalasekera Foundation which considered its as a key responsibility. The Retreat is well furbished with a kitchen to prepare alms, an alms hall, a shrine room and rest rooms for the old and ill residential monks. They are contented and happy in their twilight years amidst voluntary almsgiving from donor lay people. The foundation is maintaining the Retreat under the guidance of Ven. Bamabarawane Thilakaratna Thero of Sri Wijayawardhanaramaya, Keembiela, Baddegama.

Elderly Bhikku Nursing Care Retreat, Sri Wijayawardhanaramaya, Keembiela, Baddegama