The Malalasekera Foundation is carrying out one important activity at present among its numerous national and Buddhist services. It is the building of a sangha uposathagara for vanavasi (forest dwelling) monks at Arisimale ancient cave temple, the present Asirikanda Purana Vihara at Pulmoddai in Trincomalee district. Trincomalee area, the ancient port Gokanna boasts of many hidden Buddhist monuments. Its history goes back to the time of the arrival of Thapassu and Bhalluka, merchant brothers and spans and is associated with Panduwadev, Bhadda Kachchayana, Mahasen, Agbo V and Dutugemunu, among others. Due to this fact, there are numerous Buddhist archeological sites around this area, of which 74 have been identified. There are many more sites to be identified and conserved. Asirikanda puran raja maha viharaya, facing Arisimale beach in Pulmoddai grama niladhari area in Kuchchaveli divisional secretariat division in the district of Trincomalee is one dilapidated samudhra vihara among them. It is believed that Arisimale is where merchant brothers Thapassu and Bhalluka arrived in Sri Lanka with the hair relic of the Buddha.

Building of Malalasekera sangha uposathagaraya at Arisimale ancient sacred site